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Immerse yourself in nature, release stress, and feel free, as you learn to kiteboard.


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Our team specializes in private and semi-private KITEBOARDING lessons!

We teach at the main entrance of Salinas del Rey, where you will find warm water, constant winds, and stunning scenery.

We offer a range of services, including accommodation, buying and selling advice, and equipment rental for kitesurfing, kiteboarding, paddle surfing, and wing foil. We can even organize your kite trips and downwinds.

Leave behind the stress of work and city life and surround yourself with the natural beauty of Salinas del Rey. Improve your fitness, disconnect from your phone and toxic people and immerse yourself in this unique and exhilarating experience.




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Why learn to kitesurf with us?

We want our customers to feel amazing and unique.

Customized lessons with equipment and optional IKO certification.

The IKO is an international organization that unifies criteria and standardizes kitesurf teaching programs. If you are serious about learning safely and putting yourself in the hands of professionals, you must understand that the IKO certification in Kitesurfing is very important.

Customized lessons with equipment and an “Optional IKO Certificate.”

1 hour classUSD $60
10 hoursUSD $600
15 hours10% discount
20 hours 20% discount
Group (3 persons max.)– Two people 10% discount
– Three people 20% discount

Equipment is to be used only at Salinas Del Rey and returned in the same condition at the end of the rental.

1 hourUSD $40
2 hoursUSD $60
DayUSD $80
Kite rental only

– 1 hour USD 20
– 2 hours USD 30
– Day USD 40

Harness rental– 1 hour USD 10
– 2 hours USD 15
– Day USD 20
Bar rental– 1 hour USD 10
– Day USD 20
Twintip and Surfboards– 1 hour USD 15
– 2 hours USD 20
– Day USD 25
Short USD 50 x Person
Long USD 100 x Person
The instructor will check for assistance; an hourly class rate will be charged if the student is not considered autonomous.
Assistance with school equipment USD $40 per hour
Assistance with student equipment USD $30 per hour
Beach boy USD $10

We put into practice the methodology used worldwide and adapt it to the individual progress of each student, the kitesurfing course for beginners will lay the fundamental foundations of this sport.
You can navigate safely anywhere in the world.

How long does it take to learn to kitesurf?
Each person learns at a different pace, but in our experience, the basic 10-hour course is enough to clarify all the concepts of being an autonomous cyclist.

Discover the kite: setup and Safety Systems

✔ Understand the wind window
✔ Learn to launch and land the kite
✔ First piloting and exploring the wind window
✔ Learn to reduce or increase power
✔ Walk while flying the kite
✔ Control the kite with one hand
✔ Activate quick-release and self-landing
✔ Disassembly


✔ Enter and exit the water while controlling the kite
✔ Water relaunch
✔ Body-drag with 2 hands (stable kite)
✔ Body-drag power stroke (kite in motion)
✔ Body-drag upwind
✔ Body-drag with the board
✔ Steady-pull & waterstart
✔ Controlled stop
✔ Introduction to self-rescue


✔ Intensive waterstart Work on kite control
✔ Learn to ride in both directions
✔ Control your speed: edging the board
✔ Learn to ride upwind
✔ Practice activating safety systems

Reset – Refresh – Be Independent!
If you are already an independent rider but you need a little practice and want to raise your level or you suspended your practice and want to resume, this course is for you.

Our tailor-made intermediate kitesurfing lessons will meet all your needs. If you have taken some classes but couldn’t navigate
correctly. Yes you were able to sail, but you haven’t flown a kite in a long time. If you manage to stand up on the board, but you still need to learn to ride in both directions. If you want to learn to luff or take your first jumps.
We have something for you!

Intensive waterstart training

✔ Improve kite and speed control
✔ Ride in both directions
✔ Go downwind and first loops
✔ Self-rescue and pack down in deep water

Review safety systems

✔ Return to water: body-drag upwind and with the board, relaunch the kite from the water
✔ Practice waterstart
✔ Practice riding

If you are already a completely independent kiter and want to take your skills to the next level, this is the course for you.
In these tailored classes, we can teach you everything you want. If you feel like you’ve reached a plateau in your learning. If you want to improve your jumps. If you want to discover the world of strapless or foil.

We have something for you!

Book your advanced level classes JUMPS AND TRICKS

✔ Toeside riding & jibes
✔ First jumps
✔ Jumps with grabs
✔ Kiteloop downloop
✔ Backrolls and frontrolls

Waterstart with surfboard

✔ Ride upwind
✔ Change direction
✔ Play with the waves
✔ Jibe & toeside

Foil setup Waterstart

✔ Learn to ride in both directions
✔ Learn to ride downwind and upwind
✔ Kite skills for foiling

Book your KITEBOARDING lesson NOW!

Immerse yourself in nature, release stress, and feel free, as you learn to kiteboard.


Photos and videos

If you are tired of the traditional, don't think twice; come and live this unique experience and don't stay on the shore watching the kites.

Book your KITEBOARDING lesson NOW!

Immerse yourself in nature, release stress, and feel free, as you learn to kiteboard.




If you are tired of the traditional, don't think twice; come and live this unique experience, and don't stay on the shore watching the kites.

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